Microchips and authorised implanter registration

Microchip legislative requirements in Victoria, Australia, going through the test for veterinarians and experimenting with a custom FDX-B reader.

One of the legislated requirements when adopting a furry little companion into your lives is to have them implanted with a microchip. These are permanent identification devices which provide a means to recover animals that have been lost and found. In Australia, the person installing the microchip needs to be an Authorised Implanter, usually a veterinarian or someone working under their supervision.

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Chocolate toxicity in dogs

Discussing chocolate toxicity in dogs, some of the signs you can expect to see, as well as treatment options.

With the onset of the Easter long weekend, the tradition of purchasing, giving and eating chocolate-based confectionaries can mean that domestic companion animals such as dogs may have more potential to be exposed to chocolate and thus chocolate toxicosis. Why are dogs so sensitive to Chocolate?

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An introduction for a good doggo

My dog, Quaver, is a cross between a miniature fox terrier and a Jack Russell terrier. He has a temperament very typical of his breeds; that is, he is very fixated on chasing objects, and is very motivated by play.

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