Configuring Zotero to use WebDAV for file syncing

Going through the configuration process to get Zotero web synchronisation going with your own WebDAV provider

Using Zotero’s sync service requires a Zotero account; if you haven’t already, register for one here. Once you have successfully signed up for this, we can continue to configure the file syncing separately. While Zotero has its own internal online storage and synchronisation system, space available to store attachments (such as PDFs) is limited for free accounts. As you are free to use your own WebDAV capable online file storage account to store attachments, this becomes less of a problem. [Read More]

Switching from Endnote to Zotero

Discussing reference managers and moving in general to Zotero from Endnote, and the differences that make it worthwhile

In my undergraduate years, I made good use of a very popular citation manager, Endnote. The purpose of such programs is to manage citations and literature (in my case, mostly journal articles), and provide references which are automatically formatted to be used in a bibliography.

Why use it? Well, mainly because it saved substantial amounts of time. Additionally, because I was enrolled in a university with an institutional license, the use of the program was essentially at no additional cost to myself. Another point to make was that early on, there just were not many choices out there, and Endnote was just the most polished of the ones available.

There were two main issues I encountered, especially towards the end of my studies:

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