Crab branded fish sauces (including Three Crabs Brand fish sauce)

Found some fish sauces that we liked in Melbourne, and trying to correlate the number of crabs to the quality of the product

For a while now, we have been using any fish sauce the local supermarket or asian grocery store has to offer. With no particular favourite, we were curious as to which one my aunt who’s been living here in Melbourne for a number of years now uses.

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Eduroam and UniWireless configuration settings for Linux at the University of Melbourne

Going through my Eduroam configuration settings for the University of Melbourne, for linux based machines

The University of Melbourne participates in the eduroam system, a location independant wireless network. University students and staff are able to connect and securely authenticate to this network wherever there is participating wireless infrastructure (such as at other higher education institutions).Alongside this, on campus an internal wireless network, UniWireless, also operates.

Both function well enough to allow students and staff to connect to the internet. However, configuration settings are somewhat difficult to come by, especially if you want to set it up manually before visiting other universities. This document will cover the settings I use in network-manager to connect to each network on Xubuntu, an Ubuntu based Linux distro

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