Migrating to Gitlab

Moving over to Gitlab pages and a new backend system (Hugo)

My personal website has been hosted on Github pages for just shy of 3 years now. In that time, the service has been fantastically reliable and fast. As I have slowly added features to the website, however, the resulting code gradually getting larger has made it so that fixing breakages and adding more improvements has become untenable.

I’ve been gradually using Gitlab more over Github in the past year for my git needs. Access to private repositories as a free user is something that has come in handy for my purposes, mainly backing up research data analyses and writing. They too offer a project-hosting solution in the form of Gitlab pages.

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Sharing to social media using simple links

Redirecting your visitors automatically to the new pages

Allowing visitors to share pages to social media is a good way of disseminating information and driving traffic to your website. The issue I have previously had with it has been that the recommended methods, embedded buttons, relied on adding a script to each of your pages, which had the potential to slow down page loading times or track your usage across different websites. HTML hyperlinks, on the other hand, are universally supported and provide a pretty easy to use way for visitors to directly create a post.

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Transitioning the website to GitHub pages and jekyll

Documenting my move to static page websites on GitHub for my personal website. In short, works nicely and the system is well organised.

With the discontinuation of the free hosting option by Crucial, I found myself in the market for web hosting. My needs have been to this date simple and very low end; I was using it to essentially serve a webpage with links to ways to get in touch with me. For this, migrating to Crucial’s paid service made little sense, as it would more than likely go underutilised.

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