Setting a Cloudflare Page Rule to redirect users

When you have valuable posts that you want to migrate to your new content management system

When moving your content - your blog or website for example - to a new system, it’s ideal to keep things working as close to as they used to as they can. That way, any links that have been posted to your old content will still direct them to the same stuff on your new website.

An issue that can crop up is when your different content management systems have different ways of storing posts…

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Is your CloudFlare DNS not working with tumblr?

Troubleshooting why using CloudFlare doesn't seem to be compatible with tumblr pages. In short, you need to disable the traffic acceleration services within CloudFlare.

I’d been thinking that there was something wrong with my CloudFlare DNS settings, which made them not work when setting a domain record for tumblr. Turns out, theres a quirky interaction thats stopping it from functioning when a domain is managed “On CloudFlare” (through their traffic acceleration services).

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